Japan Pita Bread \o(^-^)o/

It is the pitta bread of the sticky texture.

We sell a pitta bread made in 100% Japan.
The wheat flour becoming the pita breadstuff is cultivated in Japan. Using domestic raw materials, the pitta bread is made in the latest facilities and hygienic environment. Form and a hue, the taste are the completion not to permit other flattery. Please try it.

You can easily make a delicious sandwich. In the case of BBQ party in your group, it is very bargain if you buy it with a carton box (120pcs).

We export our pita bread and we guarantee the quality.
Please contact us by e-mail.
( query@pitapan.biz)

Raw materials: Wheat flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt
( Made in Japan )
Country of origin: Japan
※ HALAL certified.
Size: 17cm (precuted the center)
Weight is approximately 100 g/piece.
Price: ① Ten pieces pack : 1000 yen
② Please ask for price of one carton box (120 pieces) .
③ Ask price for export.
Delivery charges: Both the 10 pieces pack and the carton box sale are 1,000 yen.
But Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu are 1,200 yen.
Okinawa (including the remote island) will inform you separately.
※ We send it by a freezing service.
※ Please contact us for export.

Please order here (email) !

The following means of payment is available.
① Wire transfer
※ Please bear the transfer fee

※ We send a bill by an email via Paypal

③ Credit
※ We send a bill by an email via Square

④ Collect on delivery
※ Collect on delivery fee is necessary

※Please do not forget amount, a means of payment, a destination, a phone number!

Consumption tax: A consumption tax is necessary for a product, the postage, a collect on delivery fee separately.

※ You bake it with a toaster oven lightly, and please fold it into half.
※ You can easily separate it.
※ You put ham and salad, a favorite thing, and please eat deliciously.

Please send a delicious recipe and place it in our homepage.