Japan Nan Sangak


Nan Sangak is one of the bread which is the most popular in the Middle East.
It is flat bread using graham flour and shape is like simple rectangular or triangular.
Original Nan Sangaku is thin bread baked on a small stone from a riverbed spread in an oven.
Two kinds are usually in Nan Sabgak provided in Iranian bakers. One is a high-quality type covered by poppy and/or sesamein seeds and the other is normal type with no topping.

Our Nan Sangak is fully kneaded sesame by the improvement of a manufacturer, and It has sticky feeling in texture, and it easy to eat.
It is very nutritious in low calorie.
Plentiful sesame and wheat graham flour are used.
(We can expect it with an effect of the sesame!)

You can eat it after thawing with natural thawing or a refrigerator more deliciously when you warm it by frying pan medium fire for approximately both sides approximately 30 seconds.
Also you defrost it with a microwave oven in 30-60S (according to the number of sheets) and the surface becomes brand-new when you bake it with an oven afterwards for 3-5 minutes and is delicious.
How to warm is preference, but is tense when you warm it too much.
After thawing, please have it early.
※ An additive, the preservative is not contained at all.

● Raw materials:
wheat flour (domestic production), white sesame, graham flour, salt, black sesame, yeast

● Approximately: 70 g of size approximately 12cm x 12cm

● 5 pieces/pkg :350 yen (the freezing, tax-excluded)

● Among 100 g of nourishment ingredients:
Calorie 229Kcal/Carbohydrates 43.8 g/Protein 8.3g
Dietary fiber 2.4g/ Lipid 1.7 g/ Sodium 413 mg
Water 42.3 g


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